The extensive catalog of natural products allows a large amount of configuration of unique spaces. Floors, walls, countertops, stairs, tables, facades are some of the applications where our products look at their maximum splendor.

Interior walls

Interiors faced with the most exclusive products. Interior walls that make any space unique.
The use of natural stone on interior walls is becoming more popular as these products create chromatic warmth with easy maintenance. With the different textures and finishes of marble and travertine, the creative and aesthetic possibilities are endless.
Granite, with its mother-of-pearl inlaid designs, can be used to create almost artistic murals.
Limestone, sandstone and slate, all materials that are widely used outdoors, are finding their niche in interior design, adding a sophisticated touch to somewhat more aseptic spaces.


The choice of the flooring product largely defines the decorative style of any building. We have a wide range of products in a variety of finishes to satisfy our customers’ design needs.
Marble flooring brings elegance to any space.
Granite is one of the most highly recommended products for use in high traffic areas such as transportation terminals and shopping centres due to the fact that it is highly resistant to wear.

Outdoor walls

Large format natural stone is one of the best materials for use on both ventilated and glued façades due to its high resistance to impact and wear.
Granite is the most resistant natural product on the market, which is why it is commonly used on facades.  The attractiveness of the grain and the wide range of colours make it a popular choice in cold and rainy climates thanks to its resistance to inclement weather.
Limestone and sandstone are perfect for creating a minimalist look on the facade of any building.

Slate is another natural product that performs very well as exterior wall cladding. The texture makes it impermeable and highly resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

Outdoor paving

Gardens and terraces require the most highly resistant materials for use as outdoor paving.  This is the natural habitat for this type of stone in its varied finishes.

Because of their non-slip properties, limestone and sandstone have traditionally been used for outdoor applications.  The use of these materials is widespread in gardens and pool decks, as they are highly permeable and easy to maintain.
Granite, whether polished, aged, bush-hammered, flamed or blast finished, is ideal for use in high traffic exterior settings. Granite is commonly used in public spaces such as squares, parks or walkways because of its resistance to the elements. Natural surfaces are the best solution for outdoor use.


MOS Group has all kinds of natural surfaces for use in kitchen and bathroom countertops at the forefront of interior design.

With this collection, customers have a variety for choices, from the most exotic granite sourced in India, Brazil and Africa to domestic marble.
MOS group offers you the most exclusive exotic stones on the market, specially treated for use in kitchens.