Capri Limestone quarry

Detail Information

Location: Alicante (Spain)

Type of stone: Limestone


Capri limestone is a fine-grained creamy yellowish rock with clear tones that may contain some fossil remains.  Like sandstone, it is an extremely resistant material that is highly recommended for outdoor use as cladding on facades and pavements.  Temperature-insulating and highly toned, it is an affordable natural stone option that works well on ventilated facades where roughed or cut marble is commonly used. Able to withstand erratic temperature conditions, rain, exposure to sun, etc. Ideal for outdoor paving in gardens, around swimming pools, etc.  Capri limestone comes in a variety of surface finishes including natural, roughed and bush-hammered.


Exterior (Frontage)

Interior (Pavements)

Fine-grained and crystalline

Accept any finish