Products in natural stone

Resistance, durability and elegance in each of our products.


They prevent the infiltration of rainwater, ensuring the durability of the walls.


It is used to prevent runoff and facilitate the runoff of rainwater in the windows of buildings.


They are ornamental pieces that reinforce the architectural style of the place where they are placed. In addition to aesthetics, they are functional elements, as they serve as a protective or support wall.


Separate car circulation areas and pedestrian or garden areas. The correct modeling, the stone and finish chosen are fundamental for the safety of those who circulate in the streets and gardens.

Bordillos curvos

It is a piece of stonework used to finish sidewalks or paved areas. It is a discrete but fundamental element, since it separates the traffic zones of cars and the pedestrian or garden areas.

Bordillo especial

It is a piece of fundamental stonework. They are discrete elements that delimit spaces. Sometimes, according to the place where they are placed, they need a special design out of the conventional.


They are used on roofs, as well as on pavements, where the appropriate stone and finish ensure the safety of pedestrians.


They are used on roofs, as well as on pavements, where the appropriate stone and finish ensure the safety of pedestrians.


They are especially decorative elements in a building. They are used to protect the walls of the building where they are installed from the water.


They are the horizontal elements that are in the windows, doors or other openings. Their function is to support the avenaría in an architectural work.


They allow the union between two walls of the façade, protecting and decorating the corner they cover. These elements, small and protruding in the extremities of the walls or walls, end up standing out in the architectural work.


They are garrisons that are placed in the vertical of doors and windows, serving as support for the lintels. Given its function, it is important that this architectural element is resistant and durable.


It is a projecting piece in vertical wall that has as function to support a cornice or a bow. Because it has great visibility in the architectural work it is usually a very worked and full of details element.


It makes the stairs and platforms safer, and makes a difference in the decoration of interior and exterior environments.


They are elements of stonework, normally fused in the wall, whose function is to give structure to the walls and / or to support cornices. They are also decorative elements.


Its main function is to protect the base of the wall and hide the imperfections of the finish of the floor, being also an important decorative element.


It is a discrete, but important element. The stone chosen to build the thresholds must be resistant and, at the same time, able to make a harmonious union between different spaces.


It is the horizontal band with which the lower part of a wall is decorated and protected. It needs, therefore, to be robust.